hockey memorabilia collection

It’s funny, we meet hundreds of autograph and memorabilia collectors each year, through our own business, Facebook page, in person as card show and sports expos. I have always found it amazing the number of people who collect jerseys, signatures on photos, sticks, bats ,etc.  What is their motivation for collecting?  Is it for personal use like a man cave addition, monetary to re-sell, or is it just collecting their favorite players autograph or jersey?

Ray Bourque Jersey-Signed Boston Bruins Vintage White Jersey|Ray Bourque Jersey Autographed Boston Bruins Vintage Jersey|When I began this business six years ago it was a dream.  I was a collector like everyone who reads this blog post and visits our site to see the items we have for sale.  For me growing up my favorite player was Ray Bourque, I got my first Bruins Jersey when I was sixteen years old and I was hooked on jerseys from there.  I thought it was the coolest thing to own a jersey with my favorite players name on it and wore it proudly, even though I live in leaf land.  Didn’t matter, I was happy.  That’s where the passion began.  Yes Ray Bourque was my favorite player, however there were other players I enjoyed watching as well. Wayne Gretzky, Doug Gilmour, Steve Yzerman, Paul Coffey etc.

So I thought, I could add to my collection, which I did, I got my Yzerman, Gretzky, Coffey and Gilmour jerseys, then I knew I was hooked, it was a hobby and a passion.  Then, I got the best  gift ever (back in my youth), a signed photo of Ray Bourque!  I  thought this was the coolest thing as now I have a sweater and a signed photo of my favorite player!  The icing on the cake was meeting Ray Bourque a number of years later! Doesn’t matter how old you are to meet you idol growing up, you do feel like that little boy or girl inside. It was such a cool feeling!

That’s why we started Slap Shot Signatures, to help fuel passion to collectors and help fill a childhood dream of some sorts.  It all started with one jersey!  What’s your collecting story? We would love to hear from you!