Whether you’re a novice or experienced collector, anyone can benefit from learning the “in’s and out’s” of the memorabilia industry in order to purchase authentic and valuable collectibles. Some  collectors will not mind spending whatever it take to build their collection and will go to great lengths to do so.  This is for most people who want to save a few dollars while collecting the person or objects you are most interested in. Let’s face it not everyone had disposable income at their feet waiting to burn a hold in your pocket. The Memorabilia industry is a HUGE business and it’s defiantly not how it was years ago when you parents or grandparents collected autographs!

  • Decide on a price range you’re willing to spend or create a budget. This will help you from making impulse buys.  When emotions take hold, collectors can overpay and overspend.  It will also help to determine what type of memorabilia you are going to collect. Do you want pucks, photos or jerseys. the bigger the item, the more you need to budget for!
  • Do your research. Buying memorabilia can be expensive, but it can also be a profitable investment with the help of research.  Always check out the retailer’s credibility. the old saying “you don’t know, ask!”
  • Know how to avoid buying fraudulent memorabilia and if you collect autographed collectibles, know how to spot a fake signature. Don’t buy anything without some documentation proving authenticity.  Buy from reputable dealers. If you are not comfortable with the dealer or they are pushy (especially at memorabilia shows), your better to walk away and deal with someone who is wanting to help you and not look for a quick buck!
  • Preserve your collection. This keeps your pieces looking great and allows you to make top dollar should you decide to sell any in the future.  Items will only retain value (or increase) if they are kept in mint condition so budget for frames, display cases or other method to protect and preserve your collection.

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