The problem often has to deal with finding creative and attractive ways to display memorabilia into a space that perhaps wasn’t designed to hold so much.

  1. Sort the items by frame style, black and white versus colour, sport/subject, etc.
  2. Determine whether any items need special display (jerseys, pucks, etc.). You can purchase pre-made shadow boxes for jerseys or have them custom framed.  Specialty cases such as glass display cases for items like hockey sticks may be needed.  Pucks can be displayed in cases or cubes.  Some cubes are designed for mounting and others for desk or shelf display.
  3. Make sure you have the correct hanging hardware especially for heavier pieces. You can purchase these from your local hardware store.
  4. Lay things out on a table or other large surface. Start with the largest piece first and build your display around that.  It is helpful to take a photo of the arrangement you have laid out.
  5. The recommended height for hanging artwork is approximately 5 ft at the center.
  6. Be aware of the damage that can be caused by light. Take extra time and effort to make sure that you have proper lighting in your display areas, and that nothing in your collection is being subjected to direct sunlight or UV rays.

It is important to buy a case that is designed specifically for the item(s) you are storing.  A display case made of glass is considered to be the best way to protect sports memorabilia and offers it the most protection.  Glass provides very strong protection against outside dangers and harmful ultraviolet rays, which might cause signed collectibles to fade or discolour.

Collectors with young children or pets may want to opt for an acrylic case.  Just like the glass display cases, one made of acrylic typically provides the same protection and repels UV rays without the risk of shattering.

Display cases should be protective but also offer an attractive way to allow you to share and admire your collection.  Since you don’t want your collection to shift or move around, a good display case should supply a built-in cradle or stand for secured placement.  The shelf should also position the collectible in a way in which it can be seen from all angles.

To enhance the visibility of a sports collectible, many display cases can have either a clear back or a mirrored back to allow for a view of the complete piece(s).  Some deluxe display cases have a mirrored bottom so that the entire item can be viewed.

Be creative, keep collecting and enjoy your display.

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