Autograph’s from your favorite personalities are a true treasure. Many people spend hours trying to collect that perfect signature for their collection. On the other hand there are autograph hounds that go out there and even push kid’s aside for a scribble and then try to re-sell it. In recent history top athletes have realized that signing items is a huge business and will sign with companies who work with them and distribute their signed items including jerseys, balls, pucks and photos.  Our list below is a guide to 5 different athletes that autograph collectors want and the companies they are currently contracted to. When searching for these athletes, here are the companies they work with and this is the COA and HOA you want to have on your item:

1) Wayne Gretzky (Upper Deck) – in 2013 Wayne Gretzky signed a long term deal with Upper Deck and is the exclusive provider for his memorabilia.  On that note before Upper Deck there was WGA (Wayne Gretzky Authentic). Any Gretzky items with these two Certificates can be guaranteed to be the real deal.

2) Sidney Crosby (Frameworth) – Crosby has been with Frameworth since the beginning of his career. Quite simply if there is no Frameworth COA or HOA we would question the authenticity of the item.

3) Bobby Orr (Great North Road) – Great North Rod is Bobby Orr’s company. Mr. Orr wanted to ensure all items came from him, especially with the surge of fake memorabilia over the years.  Great North Road is the COA and HOA you want on your Bobby Orr Collection.

4) Josh Donaldson (Frameworth) – 2015 MVP Toronto Blue Jays Third Baseman inked a deal with Frameworth during the off season, although he did complete a signing with AJ Sports World last year. To know you got the real deal of the “Bringer of Rain” you want to look for these two companies COA and HOA on your item.

5) Connor McDavid (AJ Sports World) – Connor McDavid is exclusive to AJ Sports World.  The Edmonton Oilers rookie phenom has been with this company for a few years and is the only place to get authenticated McDavid Memorabilia .

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