The old fashioned and most effective way to get players autograph is to wait around at different locations and ask.  Find out the best times and locations to catch up with them.  Some places to find them may include the gates where players enter the stadium, designated fan areas at training camp or spring training and at practice.


Here is a list of things you can do to improve your odds:

Be polite.

Don’t forget your manners and be respectful.  Always use their last name.  Athletes are constantly bombarded by shouting fans, hecklers and reporters.  Don’t wave the item for autograph in their face.

Get there early.

Best time to try and get signatures is a couple of hours before the game and during pre-game warm-ups.  Many of the players will take a moment to chat with fans in between drills.  You may even get a selfie or two.

Be prepared.

Make sure you have everything such as a good quality ballpoint pen.  If you want a photo (8 X 10 or smaller), hat or jersey signed, a Sharpie marker is the best.  Have extra pens/Sharpies just in case one gives out.  If you have your item out and pen open, you’re more likely to get that signature.

Do your homework.

A little background knowledge of the player you are seeking may show them that you’re more than a casual fan and make your autograph hunt successful.

Trading cards are the most popular item to have autographed and easiest to carry around with you especially if you have more than a few.

If you are not able to get your favorite players autograph the first time do worry as the next time you have the opportunity you may strike gold!  As a back up we may have the player your looking for in our large selection of autographed hockey memorabilia. Come check it out and see if we have that item you may need to finish your collection!