Top 5 Hockey Jerseys in movies

We have all seen our favorite teams appear in sports movies over the years. We have also seen jerseys from fictional teams that became our favorite by the movies end. Here is our list of top five hockey jerseys that have appeared in movies:


ferris-bulers-day-off-hockey-jersey1) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off- Gordie Howe Detroit Red Wings Jersey- This is our number one in light of recent events.  Cameron Frye  wins for rocking a Detroit Red Wings Gordie Howe jersey. According to a Sports Illustrated interview, Mr. Hockey himself apparently sent the jersey in for the movie to use. I wonder where that item is now?


newman-slapshot-hockey-jersey2) Slap Shot – Paul Newman was a the man with a plan sporting this awesome hockey jersey, he looked like a natural born NHL’er. However, in his film Slap Shot, the most memorable characters were the Hanson brothers. They acted as enforcers for the Charlestown Chiefs, and beat the crap out of anyone who skated past them.


mighty-ducks-movie-jersey3) The Mighty Ducks – Nobody can forget the infamous Flying V formation, but the Mighty Ducks also had the best jerseys on ice. The traditional skull and crossbones were replaced by a menacing duck face in a hockey mask with two crossed hockey sticks which was also was the Might Duck’s NHL uniform.  Did you know the NHL team was named because of the success of this movie?


national-lampoons-blackhawks-hockey-jersey4) National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – Chicago Blackhawks Jersey- Who didn’t want this jersey after the movie is released.  I hear rumours that it’s still a popular seller around the holidays for Chicago Blackhawks fans. If you love the National Lampoon franchise then this is defiantly a jersey to add to the collection.


5) Wayne’s World – Chicago Blackhawks Jerseys – “Game On”.  Enough said!


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