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Claude Giroux

All orders must be received by December 20th 2023



What is an Autograph Signing?2023-08-27T12:47:03-04:00

Here at Slapshot Signatures, we conduct autograph signings with athletes. We will conduct Private signings or Public Signings with the athletes in-order to provide items to be signed by your favorite athletes.

Private Signing Vs Public Signing2023-08-27T12:46:22-04:00

All signings will be announced as to if they are private or a public signing. A private signing is behind closed doors with the athlete and will not be open to the public. A public signing will be offered to the public to come
and get their items signed and to meet the athlete.

Can I have my own item signed?2023-08-27T12:45:37-04:00

If we are offering the signing on the website, then you absolutely can
either send in your item to be signed or bring it to the public signing event
to have it signed.

Items will be considered: Regular/Premium/Your Hockey Card

Regular Item’s include Pucks, Books, Photos smaller then 16×20, similar product

Premium Item’s include Jerseys, Photos larger then 16×20, Equipment and similar

When will my order be ready?2023-08-27T12:45:14-04:00

These items are all available for pre-order and will be shipped out shortly
after the cut-off date for the signing event. Dates are subject to change
depending on the athlete’s availability

Where are you located?2023-08-27T13:08:12-04:00

We operate out of Frankford, Ontario in the Bay of Quinte Region.

Our mailing address is:
Slap Shot Signatures
23 North Front Street Box 985
Frankford, ON K0K 2C0

Tim Stutzle

All orders must be received by December 20th 2023


Ryan O'Reilly

All orders must be received by January 17th 2024



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